Labor Saver #4

We featured our Labor Saver #1 which was the Securitron Mag Lock with built-in camera, Labor Saver #2 which was the CompX Stealthlock, and Labor Saver #3 which was the Hinge Doctor. Today we feature another Labor Saver, which is the Securitron Power Jump.

This is a new product from Securitron. No moving parts, no broken wires, no need to core drill the door, the PowerJump is “wireless power”. The Securitron PowerJump ICPT ports power contactlessly and invisibly across the door gap to run electrified hardware on the door. With flexible installation placement on the latch side, hinge side or top of the door, it transfers power without pins or wires, eliminating points of vulnerability and wear.

Securitron Power Jump

Features of the PowerJump:

  • Transfers power wirelessly across door gaps of up to 3/16″
  • Flexible mounting: can be installed on hinge side, latch side or top of frame
  • Dual Voltage output 12VDC or 24VDC field selectable
  • Continuous or intermittent duty
  • For fail secure devices
  • Use with electrified locks, latches or other door hardware requiring up to 6 watts (0.5A@12VDC) of power
  • Adhesive backed templates for accurate installation
  • MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty


  • UL10C Listed
  • ANSI/SDI-BHMA A250.13 (±150 psi) Windstorm Listed
  • Patents: #8,294,302
  • Patents Pending
  • Endurance: 2,000,000 cycles
  • Operating Temperature: +32 to +120F (0 to +49C)
  • Electrical Input: 24V DC only 500mA max
  • Output: 500 mA @ 12V DC, 250mA @ 24V DC

Why Install this Product? Ever core a wooden door and you drilled wrong? This eliminates the need to core a door, and therefore, eliminates the frustration on the job.

Where can I purchase this product?
Contact your local IDN Branch to place your order.

Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.

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