Captiol Industries

Capitol Industries, based in Montreal, has created a few new products for the security industry, all with internal magnets which run the locks.

Magnetic Cylinder Shield:

Capitol Industries_MCS7000Capitol Industries_MCS1000

Featuring a patented magnetic technology, the MCS-1000 and MCS-7000 offer protection for lock cylinders and latches by hiding them behind a sliding plate. With anodized aluminum construction, it is built to withstand harsh environments, and can be finished to match any anodized color. To hide and protect the cylinder, simply slide the outer plate up. To unlock and reveal the cylinder, place the magnetic key on the device and slide the cover down. Thousands of magnetic key combinations are available and units can be keyed alike. Key duplication can be done in the field, without any specialized equipment. No batteries or wiring required.

Magnetic Key Safe:

Capitol Industries_MCS5000

The MKS-5000 is a key safe that leaves no apparent opening or prying option, taking advantage of its sliding cover which sits safely within a groove the entire length of the box. The locking mechanism is concealed and activated through a magnetic key, making it virtually impossible to feel or see what to pick. It can be keyed alike to all other magnetic products in the line.

Magnetic Cam Lock Shield:

Capitol Industries_MCS2000

The MCS-2000 is a miniature cam lock shield designed to fit over almost any cam lock and adds a layer of protection to otherwise vulnerable locks, by using the patented magnetic technology. Can be keyed alike to any other product from the magnetic line.

Contact your local IDN branch to place an order.