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What if our customer just wants a spare key to get into their car, but not to start it? (Example: I am at the beach and do not want to get my transponder key wet or lost in the sand.)



Most transponder keys have a non-transponder counterpart. They are called service keys. The service key will open the doors, the trunk, and will also turn in the ignition but will not start the car as there is no transponder in the head. Most service keys have a metal head but some offer both metal and plastic heads. Examples would be Ilco key blank H86 for Ford, Ilco HO01-SVC for Honda, Ilco LX90-P for Lexus, Ilco B106-P or GM products, etc. For further listings, service keys are available in the Auto Key Blank Reference guides located in our Resources section or give your local IDN branch a call for further assistance.


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