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Noise is a big concern for me. My company is preparing to go through some minor renovations to sound insulate our studio and I am wondering what can be done with the door as it seems to be the item that contains sound the least. What would you suggest for this opening’s sound reduction?


An acoustical rated opening would serve your needs perfectly! Since you mention “studio” I am assuming music and instruments. There are plenty of STC rated (Sound Transmission Class) door and frame options available in many configurations.

Here is a link to a good resource for information about these ratings and what they accomplish.

Wood doors are also an available option and are rated similarly. If you would like windows, there are glass and glazing options for your doors as well and framed stand-alone windows if you find you would like to add these to your design as well.

Most opening with an STC rating above (35) require a frame to be purchased as well as they are tested as assemblies for optimum performance. So, if the higher rating is what you desire, wall conditions will also play a factor in determining what is right for you and your hardware options may be limited depending on the manufacturers requirements.

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