At the IDN-Indianapolis Trade Show,  I had the opportunity to tour the Stanley Security Factory. It was an enlightening and interesting tour overall and if you are ever in the Carmel, IN area, I highly recommend taking the tour.

Some of the highlights of the tour include:

The factory makes products for Stanley, PHI and BEST including cylinders, cores, pins, keys, exit devices, electronic access control, mortise locks, and much more! Powder Coating of Lever Roses was in production at the time of the tour. Within the Stanley Security Plant, samples of the options that are available in that area are on display.

rosettes-finishes-available  rosettes-staging
padlocks-with-sfic-drilled plated-power-coated-finishes
padlocks-post-finish  exit-device-head-cover-staging


In the Plating area, samples of the roses are shown in Satin Polished, Plated Satin Nickel 619, Plated Satin Nickel & Chrome 626, Plated Oil Rubbed Bronze 613, Plated Brass 609, Bright Brass, Plated Bright Nickel 618, and Plated Bright Nickel & Chrome 625 were on display.

rosettes-drying-rack-post-finish plating-area


Though the Stanley Security factory does not make items that qualify for the Made in USA branding, many components are made in the factory. During the tour, one of the items in production was lever handles being created, which start from a very long tube.

cylinderspredrilled rods-ready-to-be-meltd-to-turn-in-to-a-lever-or-knob


In another section is the core section including the CoreMax area. The cores being created the day of the tour were 7 pin cores and 6 pin SFIC. In the Key Fabrication Area, very close to the core area, the various keyways available were on display. Within the display were interesting items such as:

Key Facts:

  • Time to Make: 1.38 Seconds
  • Material: Nickel Silver Alloy
  • Weight:0.5oz


Other items on the board included:
“Blockouts: Can be placed in a core to restrict entry often used during a strike to save property and not having to change cores.”

The final area we saw was where they were pinning up the SFIC cores. The pins dump in to a mini drum and are automatically pinned in to the keys. The machine was in full swing and producing product at a quick speed.

cylinders-with-sfic-drilled-2 cylinders-with-sfic-drilled


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