Stopper® Station with Wireless Stopper® Station Shield with Sound and Transmitter

The STI multipurpose push button switch and clear Wireless Stopper Station Shield can be used in a wide variety of indoor applications. The Stopper® Station button with shield (SS-24B5E) helps prevent accidental activation, yet allows legitimate button use. When an activation is necessary or required, the user simply lifts the cover and pushes the button, alerting to an emergency situation. When activated, the button will perform a designated action such as lock school doors and will transmit a radio signal to the STI receiver to notify personnel. The cover is a tight fit to the button making it ideal for use when space is limited.


The Stopper Station Shield is specifically designed to fit STI Stopper Stations with notched mounting slots. Tabs on the cover snap directly into the Stopper Station shell, allowing for fast and easy installation. Molded of tough polycarbonate material, it can take hard knocks in stride while protecting the button. When this supervised wireless cover is lifted to gain access to the button, a 65 or 85 dB alert sounds (requires STI-34104 or STI-34108 receiver).

The highly advanced Stopper Station push button switch is ADA Compliant. This unit has Momentary button and is available with an “EMERGENCY” label. Stopper stations are available in red, green, yellow, white, or blue and offer customized wording in virtually any language.

Ideal applications: Schools, Dormitories, Universities, and more. Additional details are located in our Schools/University section of our website.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.