Bad days happen to anyone, regardless of gender and regardless of what position you hold at the company. When you’re the boss though, the experience of suffering through a lousy day is supersized. Bosses are expected to act rationally, stay calm, and never lose their temper. Here’s some tips to help you when you are having a bad day:

Don’t Vent
Easier said than done, but don’t vent your frustrations to anyone else at work. Save it for a home, or a close friend after work. 

Distract Yourself
Yes, stay busy and distract yourself. It keeps your mind off the bad day and in turn can lighten your mood. Listen to lively music, take a funny tour to find something that makes you laugh, anything to lighten your mood and give your day a better lift. 

Fresh Air
Sometimes a change in venue helps too. Take an early lunch break and get a cup of coffee, or take walk to clear your head. When toddlers have tantrums, removing them from the situation works. Guess what, it works for adults too. Remove yourself from the situation (in this case, the building). Find an imaginary reset button and reset your day.

Reset Button

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.