A great infographic article from LinkedIn about bad leaders gives a breakdown of the Good, the Bad, the Ugly bosses out there. Locksmiths who employ technicians, this is for you! A special thank you to enmast.com for letting us share this with our readers.

As leaders, managers, and/or business owners, we want to lead well. We want to be competent; and we want to be appreciated. We don’t want to be a source of misery! We don’t want people to quit us! We can’t always articulate it, but what we want is the natural result of effective leadership.

How do we know if we’re leading effectively? Well, we’ll start to answer that question by taking a look at 4 different, but common, profiles of bad managers and their most tragic flaws. We’ll follow that with an examination of 8 different and effective business leadership styles. The next question to ask is, where do you see yourself — for better or for worse — in these profiles? Click on the infographic below to begin the process of reflecting on the efficacy of your leadership style.

The 4 types of BAD leaders