An excerpt from Art Petty

If you think this article doesn’t apply to you, think again. Everyone is a manager, of something, even a project. As a locksmith, if you are a self-employed single business owner, you are your own manager, but this still applies when receiving calls for a job. If you are an owner with multiple employees, this applies to you too.

The Art of Listening
“No” is one of the most powerful and under-utilized terms in your management vocabulary. Here are ten situations where “No” might be the absolute right call.

  1. In strategy when the potential vector or investment is outside your competence and core strategy, no matter how potentially lucrative.
  2. When saying “yes” to a project creates a too many projects chasing too few resources situation.
  3. When you find yourself fighting your gut instinct on hiring someone.
  4. When someone suggests you cut quality to satisfy cost targets. There’s always a better way.
  5. When someone asks you to “take off your (insert function) hat and put on your (insert function) hat.”
  6. When the mantra coming from the team is, “…but, with just a little bit more time and money…  .”
  7. When a pending decision puts you on the uncomfortable side of an ethical dilemma.
  8. When everyone in the group is nodding their head “yes” too quickly and too easily.
  9. Whenever someone suggests outsourcing a customer facing function.
  10. When restructuring is suggested as a fix to an organization’s problems without consideration of the impact it will have on customers.