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The Door Switch’s Over the Door Alarm System is a ligature-resistant door alarm for behavioral health facility staff. The Over the Door Alarm System alerts staff visually and audibly when the top-of -the-door trigger is set off with downward pressure.

Also, Over the Alarm System also comes with a continuous hinge application, a very helpful feature in mitigating ligature devices employed by use of the door’s hinges.

Most importantly, the Over the Door Alarm System is a ligature-resistant device that has been approved by the New York State Office of Mental Health for use in mental health facilities regulated by that organization.

The Door Switch Door Over the Door Alarm


  • Wires and alarm input/output devices are supervised to prevent tampering.
  • 48 double door, 96 single door rooms available on a single basic panel.
  • Keypad console audible indicator and two-line, 32 character LCD display alerts an alarm condition or system trouble at nurses’ station.
  • Main panel provides an event log (history log) that can store up to 512 events (time of event, response time and reset time). Logged events are viewed on a keypad console.
  • Keypad or laptop programmable.
  • Keypad “beep” walk test feature performed without triggering sirens and strobes.
  • Independently controlled notification devices (sirens) can be stationed in wings, floors and/or other designated areas of a facility.
  • If maintenance is required all system components are electronically supervised and notify users. During maintenance monitored doors can be isolated from the system.

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