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I have always been curious for the right way to measure a door to an existing frame. In particular there seems to be many hinge spacing’s by different manufactures some appear to be as little as 1/32” apart. Can you provide a chart of the most common so I can check my measurements for accuracy?


There are many different hardware locations and they do vary by manufacturer. There is a chart that shows these common locations (attached), however, frames tend to move during the life of an installation and it is always best to measure your existing frame so that a door can be made to fit. The best way to measure for a retrofit door application is to measure as follows:

  • Underside of frame head at rabbet to the top of each individual hinge
  • Underside of frame head at rabbet to the center-line of your strike plate
  • Hinge height
  • Strike plate height
  • Frame opening width (rabbet to rabbet) at top, middle, and bottom.
  • Frame opening height hinge side and latch side. (underside of head at rabbet to finished floor or threshold {specify})
  • Check for and always measure from underside of header at rabbet to any other existing hardware that required machining mortising in door to match frame.


Rabbet refers to the portion of the door frame that the door fits within. Sometimes you run into doors/frames that do not follow the standards. This ensures a perfect fit every time!

*Note the attached chart refers to DOOR hinge locations. It is always best to get your information from the frame to be re-used.


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