If you have ever seen Shark Tank on ABC, then you probably recognize Barbara Corcoran. Or, maybe you recognized her before she was partnering with small-business owners on Shark Tank. Either way, below is her Top 12 Tips for small-business owners.

Barbara Corcoran’s Top 12 Tips For Small-Business Owners 

Small Business Tips by Barbara Corcoran


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Big Mistakes
  2. Little Companies Always Move Faster
  3. Take Full Advantage of all the Free Social Media Out There
  4. Don’t Rush Out to Get a Patent
  5. Make a Marketplace Report
  6. Choose Only Really Good People
  7. There Are Only Two Kinds Of People In Business — Know the Difference
  8. Focus On What’s Already Working For You and Do More Of It
  9. Stop Putting It Off!
  10. Make a System for Everything You Need To Do More Than Once
  11. Make Sure You Know What Not To Do
  12. Shoot the Dogs Early! 

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