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As part of the Touchless Entry Switch product review, Part 2 is to review the BEA MS08 Magic Switch. In this series we’ll be focusing on two touchless entry switches:

Both are similar electronic access control products used primarily as hospital solutions. Each has its particular features as a barrier-free, touchless entry switch with applications to electric strikes, electromagnetic locks and automatic doors. Hopefully, by the end of this series we’ll be able to help weigh these product’s similarities and differences and best qualify them for usage in your security solution.


BEA’s MS08 Magic Switch (Touchless Microwave Switch) fulfills its namesake as a barrier-free, sanitary solution for operating doors in hospitals, restrooms and clean rooms. The Magic Touch constitutes as a sterile solution for opening doors and its proper implementation can be useful to solving accessibility issues for the disabled. Stand-out features for BEA’s Magic Touch include a microwave sensor that can be mounted effectively behind sheetrock or drywall for concealed installation, and a water resistant foam gasket and dust-resistant faceplates.


  • Ideal door opening solution for rooms that require high sanitation
    • food processing/production areas
    • medical/hospital clean rooms
    • pharmaceutical dispensaries
  • Operation range 4-24″ (adjustable; pulse/toggle)
  • Microwave sensor
  • Microwave cell; mountable behind sheetrock
  • Sizes include single gang and double gang faceplates
  • A viable entry solution for the disabled
  • Water resistant foam gasket and dust resistant faceplate
  • Multiple faceplates for differing applications

Read more about hospital security solutions in our Hospital Solutions Section. To place an order for a BEA’s MS08 Magic Switch or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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