Traka, a division of Assa Abloy, has a line of Key Cabinets that come with a “cool factor”. If you have the opportunity to visit the traveling Assa Abloy Security Mobile Showroom (SPS) truck, this product is on the truck. It’s one of those products you need to see it in action, because photos and text just don’t do it justice.

Traka key cabinets provide a fully-controlled cabinet designed to meet the needs, size, demand, of the organization. Use the M-Series for managing up to 20 keys, the S-Series for up to 60 keys, or the L-Series for up to 180 keys.

Traka Product

The Traka Key Cabinets features:

  • Ensure all the keys are available 24/7, no need to manage the cabinet during business hours
  • Restrict access to specific keys by user code
  • Check when a key is taken and by whom
  • Identify keys that have not been returned
  • Determine frequency of use of a particular key and for how long
  • Audit reports can be produced with detailed usage information
  • Receive a email or SMS text alert if needed
  • Can manage systems across numerous remote sites
  • Two options offered including Locking Strips and Non-Locking Strips

Locking Receptor: Lock the key in place and restrict access to authorized personnel only. User enters code into key pad, door to the key cabinet opens, and only keys authorized to be removed from the box are unlocked. User types in which key they would like to remove on the keypad, the keypad releases the key from the lock and an audit trail begins.

Non-Locking Receptor: Provide a solution for organizations requiring less security while still receiving a full audit of key usage.

User Identification:

The M-Series can support any type of access control device required to identify a user to the key system. Supported devices including RFID proximity readers from all leading access control manufacturers, magstripe, barcode, and biometric technologies such as fingerprint, hand, vascular, and retina scanners are also supported.

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