The Trimco LDH100 Series Lockdown Panic Button is hardware that can be retrofitted to turn the most commonly found exit devices into an easy-to-engage lockdown exit device. The Trimco LDH100 Series hardware doesn’t require a key or hex-wrench to lock from the inside. Simply push a button on the end cap and the exit device automatically locks.

Applications for the Trimco LDH100 Series Lockdown Panic Button is ideal for perimeter doors in Schools and Universities, Government building or other locations where exit devices with lockdown capabilities are required.

Trimco LDH100 Series Lockdown Panic Button


  • Simple, one-touch mechanical lockdown for exit devices
  • Cost-effective, aftermarket or new construction solution
  • Does not require a key or hex-wrench to lock down doors
  • Durable die-cast construction
  • ADA compliant
  • Easy installation requires no special tools or removal of the panic device from the door
  • Works with hex or cylinder dogging devices


Available For: VD – Von Duprin 98/99 & 33/35Also Planned for:
DM – Dorma 9000 Series
MK – Marks 9900 Series
PHI – Precision Apex 2000 Series
SG – Sargent 80 Series
Finishes: 605, 606, 625, 626, 690


Trimco LDH100 Series Installation Walkthrough


Trimco LDH100 Series Functions Walkthrough


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