Use Cases for a Pre-load Capable Electric Strike


I was told by my installer that I need a “pre-load capable” electric strike for my opening. What does this mean?



Pre-load is a term used to describe a condition wherein there is consistent pressure applied to the keeper portion of the electric strike before it is energized, which typically causes the strike not to release when energized. Pre-load can be caused by a wide variety of situations including (but not limited to):

  • Warped/damaged door frame
  • Sagging hinges
  • Door silencers
  • Misadjusted door closer
  • Damaged door/hardware
  • Stack pressure (HVAC running, pushes the door hardware against the keeper)

In some instances adjustments can be made to the different components of the opening to compensate for the pre-load, but if this is not possible a pre-load capable or horizontally adjustable electric strike will be required. Both of these devices are designed to either adjust the position of the keeper of the electric strike within the frame to offset the pre-load condition or release even with pre-load pressure existing at the keeper.

There are many models of electric strikes available from all the top manufacturers that can accommodate this condition, all of which can be found at any IDN location!

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