Old Doors, New Uses (Edition #12)

We love looking at old doors and old keys, and even love finding new ways to use them. Unique objects are the best though! Thanks to Pinterest, we have some unique ideas below:

Use an old door as a headboard! This photo shows it with details being mounted to the wall.

Old Doors 11

Turn an old door into an entrance chair

Old Doors 10

One large key plus multiple skeleton keys hanging, and you have a new room decor option

Old Keys 11

For those of you who are extra handy, turn an old door into a couch!

Old Doors 12

Old Door + wood planks = Book Shelf. Use some bricks to hold up the bottom shelf and weigh it down if you want it free standing.

Old Doors 13

After you’ve made a new headboard, turn those old doors into night stands.

Old Doors 14
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