An excerpt from Kaba Ilco Tech Tip Tuesday

Four-position vise jaws featured on the Ilco Performance Series Key Machines offer four unique surfaces for securely clamping virtually any typical cylinder key.

To reposition the vise jaws, loosen the wing nut. Lift up on both the top and bottom of the vise jaw to raise them above their seat in the carriage. While lifting, rotate until the vise position is facing toward the back of the machine. Lower the jaws back into position. This should be done for both sets of vise jaws. 

Vise Jaw

Standard – for clamping regular cylinder keys, such as residential, commercial, padlock and single sided automotive keys.

Narrow – for holding narrow width cylinder keys (i.e. 1092B)

Wide – for holding the Ford double-sided keys and similar types. When positioning the keys in the vise jaw the center ledge should be flat against the top surface of the jaw.

X – ideal for clamping most double-sided automotive keys. Grip these keys by the milling grooves rather than the blade edge where the cuts are located.

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