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Von Duprin is known for a wide variety of exit devices, many of which are very popular. The Chexit™ Series Controlled Rim Exit Device continues their tradition with an exit device designed for delayed exit applications. UL listed Fire Exit or Panic Exit Hardware, the Chexit Series also meets all requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 for “Special Locking Arrangement” and International Business Code (IBC) for “Special Egress-Control Devices”.

Flexible to integrate almost any configuration option, the Chexit Series is able to be customized to meet specific codes or applications requirements. Applications include: fire exits, warehouse back exits and restricted security exits.

The adaptability of the Chexit makes it a fit for perimeter access control in Multi-Family Housing, Property Management, and Industrial Security Solutions.



Request to Exit Switch: Built in to detect when someone attempts to exit. Applying less than 15 pounds to the push pad will cause this switch to start an irreversible alarm cycle.

Nuisance Alarm: When the Nuisance Audible and Nuisance Delay options are set to off, the device will go into alarm as soon as the push pad is touched. Turning the Nuisance Delay on will require the push pad to be pressed for 2 seconds before the Chexit goes into alarm, which is ideal in public areas. If the Nuisance Audible and Nuisance Delay are both on, the alarm will sound as soon as the push pad is pressed, but the alarm sequence will stop unless the push pad is held for 2 seconds or more.

Remote Alarm: A set of relay contacts (rated 1 Amp, 24V DC) are provided to give external alarm indication. These contacts close when the device is in an irreversible alarm condition and can be used to drive a horn, lamp, or any other indicative device.

Key Switch: Provides the means to arm, disarm, or reset the Chexit. The key can be removed in either the Arm or Disarm position.

Indicator Lamp: When the lamp is off, this indicates the device is disarmed and is functioning as a normal exit device. A slow flashing lamp indicates the device is armed, and a fast flashing indicator lamp indicates the device is in alarm.

Internal Horn: Whenever the device is in alarm or the push pad is pressed the internal horn will sound. The volume level of this horn exceeds 85 db at 6 feet.

Door Position Input: An external door position switch can be connected to the Chexit. The door position switch will cause the alarm to sound if the door is not closed when the device is armed.

External Inhibit Input: This optional input is provided to allow remote override of the Chexit in the armed condition. It also allows remote reset of the Chexit in an alarmed condition.

Fire Alarm Input: This input disables the Chexit immediately upon a fire alarm.

Internal Auxiliary Lock: The lock is engaged when the Chexit is armed. The locking mechanism is specifically designed to hold securely even when the exit device is struck with forceful blows.



  • UL Listed for accident hazard installations
  • Covers stock hollow metal doors with 86 or 161 cutouts
  • Non-Handed
  • Field sizeable
  • Latch Bolt: Deadlocking 3/4″ throw
  • CX99EO: Device is furnished with standard 575 strike in dull black finish. The 575 strike i for on 1-3/4″ or 2-1/4′ single doors and 2-1/4′ double doors with coordinator
  • A combination of fasteners are included for surface mounting and through bolting to trim on 1-3/4″ and 2-1/4″ thick doors
  • Cylinder: Standard 1-1/4″ mortise cylinder must be ordered separately
  • Length: 2’10” to 3′ Door Size
  • Center Case Dimension: 8″ x 2-1/4″ x 2-3/4″
  • Touchbar Projection:
    • Neutral – 3-13/16″
    • Depressed – 3-1/16″
  • Cylinder Dogging Option (CD): Available to allow push/pull operation of Chexit, when disarmed and used in a heavy traffic area.


To place your order for a Von Duprin Chexit™ Series Controlled Rim Exit Device, or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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