It’s summertime, kids are enjoying their time off from school playing, and it’s the construction & prep “season” at surrounding schools. Many schools are in the process of implementing better school security measures this summer including lockdown processes.

Special Lite FRP School Doors

Often though, schools will face violence from a student-to-student or student-to-teacher incident more often than an intruder attacking a school. What are the procedures when it is an internal incident?

  1. Door Latching: Anything that prevents a door to properly latch should be fixed. It’s not only a fire code violation if it’s a fire rated door, but during a lockdown, having a door that locks is necessary
  2. Door Hardware, Interior Locking: If a door is equipped with a lock where an individual needs to enter the hallway to lock it, the school should replace these locks. Exposing a person to an intruder or any conflict in the hallway in order to secure the room should not happen.
  3. Door Hardware, Without Restrictions: Any door that allows a student or intruder to lock themselves or take control of an opening should be reassessed and redesigned.
  4. Door Swings: All doors should be checked for their ability to close properly. Doors that do not automatically close, can be left propped open, or anything that would prohibit emergency responders from entering the building should all be assessed and resolved.

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