The MS21 Short-range Touchless Actuator from BEA is state-of-the art in touchless activation plates.

Healthcare Industry

Utilizing capacitance technology to detect and trigger activation in automatic doors, the low profile and hands-free MS21 includes a stainless steel faceplate and illuminated LED mounting ring for maximum durability and visibility. Other innovative features include adjustable detection zones, audible alerts, NEMA 4-rated enclosure and customizable faceplate text and logos. The MS21 is ideal for healthcare facilities, clean rooms, washdown areas, and a variety of other applications.

  • Touchless design reduces spread of bacteria, disease and contamination
  • LED illumination increases plate visibility
  • Stainless steel faceplate improves durability and reduces deterioration caused by liquids and other cleaning agents
  • Low profile, beveled design reduces accidental damage from errant objects like carts or hospital beds
  • Various design options available to match any application
  • Audible alert can be turned on or off to signal activation
  • Adjustable detection zone provides added levels of customization

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