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Someone referred to their key systems as Air & Sky keyways. What are those?



Medeco’s first patented high security system has 4 levels of restriction. The first was referred to as both the “Commercial keyway” and the “Air keyway” as it was the open keyway with no access restriction to key blanks. The “Sky” keyway was the second level of restriction to the first Medeco high security system. It has a bell shaped head. The locks and keys came with a credit card with a code embossed in it. The cut keys were ordered through a locksmith who then placed the order with a authorized distributor. If you didn’t have the card, then the locks were to be rekeyed and a new card and keys were to be issued. There were two other levels of restriction with the top being called Omega in which no duplicate keys could be made and key blanks were not available. The Air & Sky have a patent that has long expired and now other key blank manufacturers provide those key blanks through distribution, thus not providing the end user a high level of key control.

  • Ilco’s numbers for the Air keyway is 1515NS (5-pin), A1515NS (6-pin)
  • Ilco’s numbers for the Sky keyway is 1517NS (5-pin), A1517NS (6-pin)
  • Jet’s numbers for the Air keyway is Air5NS (5-pin), Air6NS (6-pin)
  • Jet’s numbers for the Sky keyway is Sky5NS (5-pin) Sky6NS (6-pin)


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