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What is a solid core door and what type of door is best for my installation?



A solid core door is used for many different applications in commercial and residential installation.  The term solid core can refer to many different types of cores of solid material.  The most common type of solid core is the particle core, which is produced from a coarse sawdust material that is denser at the surface than at the center.  It provides a better surface for sanding as well as a better screw-holding capability.

Other types of solid core include staved lumber core (produced from small blocks of wood that are butt-jointed and glued together), structural composite lumber core (produced from flakes or large chips of wood layered in a random orientation), mineral core (used in wood doors requiring a fire rating of 45 to 90 minutes), sound transmission loss core/STC (engineered specifically to achieve required sound ratings), and other less common cores like agri-fiber core, bullet-resistant core, and lead-lined/X-Ray core.


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