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I have been installing Access Control for a while and I am now hearing of the term OSDP. What do I need to know about this and will it affect my business?



OSDP is the acronym for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). This is a new communication protocol and is considered the highest encryption in the industry. OSDP will eventually replace Wiegand technology as Wiegand has been around since the 1980’s. Wiegand does not have the security that today’s systems require. Federal applications of Access Control require AES-128 encryption, and the OSDP communication supports the AES-128 encryption.

Not all existing systems will require migration, but if you have existing accounts with Wiegand technology, you can migrate up to the new OSDP technology over time. It may be affordable for a company to replace the parameter readers to OSDP and then change the interior at a later time. Keep in mind that not all software will be able to work with this technology, therefore you will need to confirm that information prior to quoting projects.

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