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Locksmiths, whether you have many trucks and many technicians, or if it’s just you as a “one-man-shop”, this article is for you.

Digital technology and the marketing possibilities of websites and social media are making small businesses both bigger and better known. Digital technology, websites and social media now are key tools for growing small businesses and competing with larger ones.

“Even if you’re making coffee or ice pops or lobster rolls, you can also expand your business using technology,” says Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills. “It levels the playing field.”

Don't Be Invisible, Small Business

Nearly 60% of small businesses still are what Google calls invisible — operating without a website. Many of the rest are what Scott Levitan, Google’s director of small business engagement, calls “completely invisible,” meaning there’s no original information from the company anywhere online.

“There’s a perception out there that getting online is hard, that it’s expensive and time consuming,” says Levitan. “With modern Web tools that are relatively easy to use, it can take about an hour to set up if you’re prepared.”