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What is the difference between a knockdown (KD) drywall frame and a knockdown (KD) frame?

A knockdown drywall frame wraps a drywall opening and has compression, or plumb, anchors to aid in setting the frame.  It also has counter sunk holes in the face at the bottom for screwing into the bottom track or stud. The returns on this frame are rounded to slip easily over drywall without damaging it.

A knockdown frame is a frame that would normally be welded, however the hinge jamb, strike jamb, and head are provided loose.  Returns are not rounded and there are no compression anchors as with the knockdown drywall frame.  Sometimes this style frame is used to squeeze the frame in where a normally welded frame wouldn’t fit.  Some people like the knockdown frame because it fits better in a truck or van for transportation rather than a welded frame.  From time to time when an installer installs a knockdown frame, they tack weld the corners as to prevent the head and jambs from coming apart.  However this is done only as a preference and may differ from installer to installer.


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