Ask the Experts | Ask the Electronic Access Ace | When Is Hosted Access Control Right For Us?


Should we consider “HOSTED” access control systems for our typical 2 to 4 door installations?



Yes, of course.  Some dealers stay away from access control because of the network connections that need to be made for the conventional controllers, and the dedicated PCs and or servers.  The “HOSTED” access control does away with those items and makes installation a snap.  This will allow you to utilize a browser-based, simple user interface to view, monitor, and report on any or all events and alarms.  You may define multiple security roles, and access privileges for your individual users.  You can perform a variety of functions from anywhere you have internet access whether from your PC or cell phone.  Functions include lock-down, un-lock, adding and deleting users.  Annual hosting fees vary by manufacturer, but call us for further details and information.


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