An excerpt from Small Biz Trends

Locksmiths, are you using Social Media? You probably should.  If you don’t really understand social media, below is a great summary to help.

Which Social Network Is Right For Your Business?

If your business has yet to tap into social media to accomplish essentials such as supporting customer service, promoting your products and/or services, engaging your community and ultimately building your brand, your missing out on a lot of potential. While most of the big brands, with their extensive resources, have already established social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like, small business owners may find it difficult to devote the necessary time to create and manage content on this new medium.

Social Media Aggregators Tips Tricks

With the help of a strategic plan and good marketing sense, any business can successfully set up and manage a social media presence. The key for those with little time to devote to social media is to discover which sites are most beneficial in relation to ones customer base and business model. The following infographic from Purolator is designed to help you decide which social networks are right for you.

Small Business Social Media
Small Business Social MediaSmall Business Social MediaSmall Business Social Media