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Door Hardware, Mechanical

  • Are all locks operating and securing doors properly?
  • Does the facility have a preventative maintenance program that includes checking the locks?
  • Are any closets, bathrooms, storage rooms, etc. equipped with a functioning lock on the door?
  • Do doors with hydraulic door closers meet ADA low resistance opening effort standards?



Schlage AL Series Leversets


The AL-Series, by Schlage, are designed to deliver ADA compliant accessibility and constant, reliable performance. All locks are reversible. These locks are best suited for buildings with medium to high traffic flow.

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Kwikset 740


This proven leader retains the exquisitely elegant Lido scroll, and makes a stylish design statement. Features adjustable latch to fit all standard door preparations.

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Kwikset 400T Series Knobset


The Kwikset 400T Series features an adjustable latch to fit all standard door preparations. SmartKey® Re-key Technology available through special order.

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The LSDA L100-Series Grade 2 Lever Locksets are available in various functions, including entrance, passage, privacy, storeroom, classroom and dummy trim, and also available with an optional Clutch Mechanism built in. Clutch versions of a keyed function allow a locked lever to rotate without retracting the latch, which prevents pressure to break the lock for entry. Read more about the L100-Series Grade 2 Lever Locksets on our blog.

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Kwikset 660 Series Deadbolt

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Kwikset single cylinder deadbolt, 660-Series, provides a tough, effective protection, an adjustable latch & deadbolt to fit all standard door preparations, and offers SmartKey® Re-key Technology through special order.

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Single or Double Cylinder Deadbolt

A versatile and cost-effective deadbolt. Cylinders can be replaced with LSDA C500 cylinders, as well as other readily available knob/deadbolt cylinders.

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Pushbutton Locks

KABA Simplex 1000 Series Mechanical Lock


Single access code – one easy to manage code for all users. Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door. Factory-handed for left hand doors; easily field reversible. Small format interchangeable cores, large format removable cores. Read more about the Kaba 1000-Series Pushbutton Door Lock on our blog.

 Kaba E-Plex 5000 Series


The Simplex® 5000-Series Pushbutton Lock is a single access code lock that is easy to install, use, and maintain. It requires no wiring, batteries, software, computers, keys, or cards to operate. Compatible with cylindrical and rim exit devices.

M210 Series

M210 Deadbolt

The Lockey USA M210 Series Keyless Deadbolt is a maximum security mechanical combination deadbolt designed for entries and exits and other residential applications.

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Door Closers

LCN 4040 XP Door Closer


The LCN 4040XP door closer is a heavy duty closer designed for demanding high use and abuse applications. With an increased (44%) bearing load capacity, the LCN 4040XP is up to the challenge. Read more about LCN 4040XP Door Closer on our blog.

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Norton 1601


The Norton 1601-Series Door Closers are designed to fit almost any application. They are available with optional Delayed Action, Corrosion-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Arms, or Molded Plastic Cover. Read more about Norton 1601 Series Door Closer on our blog.

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LSDA DC6816 Door Closer


A heavy-duty door closer for high traffic openings. The cast iron closer body and forged steel arms are designed to deliver years of service. Precision needle bearings and high quality oil deliver smooth operation at a wide range of temperatures. Adjustable backcheck enables you to set the opening, as well as the closing speed. Read more about the LSDA DC6816 Door Closer on our blog.

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Exit Devices

Von Duprin 98 99 Series Exit Device


The Von Duprin 98/99 Series Exit Device are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware, certified for Grade 1 applications, and many specific models are also certified for Hurricane Resistant Applications. Also within the Von Duprin line is the XP98/99 which adds a latch bolt concept that delivers a higher lever of latching security. Read more about the Von Duprin 98/99 Series Rim Exit Device on our blog.

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 LSDA PD9200 Exit Device

Rim Exit or Vertical Rod Device, PD9200

Designed for heavy duty high traffic doors, the LSDA PD9200-Series Exit Device is available as Rim, Vertical Rod, and Fire Rated. These devices are recommended for use on exterior and interior out-swinging doors. Read more about the LSDA PD9200 Series Exit Device on our blog.

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 Detex 10HD Exit Device

Rim Exit Device, Advantex

The Advantex, 10-Series rim exit device is a heavy-duty panic and fire exit hardware. Ideal for use on all types of single and double doors with mullions. The patented mounting plate and strike locator system ensures the easiest and most accurate installation of panic hardware available. Read more about the Detex Advantex 10-Series Rim Exit Device on our blog.

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Exit Alarms

 Alarm Lock EAX-500

Door or Wall Mount Exit Alarm

The EAX-500 is a Battery Powered Door or Wall Mount Exit Alarm that sounds a 100dB alarm when an unauthorized exit occurs. Read more about the Detex EAX-500 Battery Powered Door Alarm on the blog.

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Alarm Lock PG21MS

PG21 Siren Lock Narrow Stile Door Alarm

Chose between two arming modes: Always Armed or Standard Armed. The Standard Arming Mode allows the unit to be disarmed and key removed, where the Always Armed Mode must have the key within the unit to disarm the alarm. Read more about the Alarm Lock PG21MS Siren Lock on our blog.

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Von Duprin GuardXExit

GUARD-X Exit Alarm Lock

The Von Duprin 2670-Series (GUARD-X) exit alarm lock provides secure and alarm-code compliant protection for secondary exits. It readily identifies the door on which it is mounted as an emergency exit and secures the opening against unauthorized use. Read more about the Von Duprin Guard-X (2670) Exit Alarm Lock on our blog.

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