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Multi-Family Housing Solutions Overview


This section of our website is a tool to help you match common security concerns in a Multi-Family Housing complex with examples of solutions that are available. The products and services shown are a small subset of the overall solution set, but they are representative of the products and methods that are being used to enhance security in Multi-Family Housing Buildings at all levels.

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Main Entrance: (Click for Solutions)
  • How is access to the main entrance to the building controlled?
  • Is the main entrance restricted or locked 24 hours per day requiring an electronic credential to enter?
  • Are other entrances equipped with access control products where key cards or other similar items are used to access the building?
  • Is staff alerted by unauthorized ingress or egress to restricted areas or rooms?
  • Are doors able to be opened and closed easily while complying with ADA regulations?
Unit/Common Areas: (Click for Solutions)
  • Can the tenant access a common area with the same credential they use to get in to their apartment door?
  • Can the common areas be restricted to only allow certain tenants into certain areas?
  • Are interior doors equipped with deadbolt locks?
  • Are the locks and strike plates mounted securely?
  • Have the locks been re-keyed since the last tenant moved out?
  • Can visitors be observed without opening the apartment door either through a door peephole or window?
Door Hardware, Mechanical: (Click for Solutions)
  • Are all locks operating and securing doors properly?
  • Does the facility have a preventative maintenance program that includes checking the locks?
  • Are any closets, bathrooms, storage rooms, etc. equipped with a functioning lock on the door?
  • Do doors with hydraulic door closers meet ADA low resistance opening effort standards?
Door Hardware, Electronic: (Click for Solutions)
  • Would elimination of manual rekeying when a resident moves or loses a key (or other security issue) be beneficial?
  • Would reduction of the number of mechanical keys issued (and associated reduction in liability) be beneficial?
  • Is tracking installed on door hardware to determine where and when maintenance personnel or contractors enter rooms or other areas?
  • In common areas, are time restrictions available on the door hardware?
  • Do staff members carry ID Badges for access control with audit trail and time restrictions?
  • Can the building owner or maintenance department track who has been in certain rooms at what time and how long?
  • Is key management software used?
  • Does the building owner or maintenance department have the ability to manage the complexity and the high turnover rates associated with housing?
  • Does a tenant have the ability to use one electronic key to maintain access to the resident’s private living quarters and all of the property’s amenities?
  • Is management able to control multiple properties from a single database?
Doors and Frames: (Click for Solutions)
  • Do rooms have metal or solid core wooden doors?
  • Are they properly maintained and in good working order?
Key Control: (Click for Solutions)
  • Does maintenance know who has the key to every apartment unit?
  • How does maintenance keep track of keys?
  • Are spare keys stored in a locked cabinet with record and receipt of issued keys?
  • What steps are taken if a key is lost?
  • Can keys be duplicated?
  • How difficult is it to rekey a lock?
  • Is management faced with a cumbersome task of physically changing locks or keeping track of which tenants have returned their key?
  • Is the facility using master keys?
  • Does the facility use a high security key system?
Perimeter/Surveillance: (Click for Solutions)
  • Does your facility monitor its grounds with CCTV?
  • Are events that transpire on the grounds in the facility being recorded?
  • Has a video surveillance system audit been completed in the past year?
Key Machines: (Click for Solutions)
  • Does the property manager do key duplication, or is this service outsourced?
ADA Compliance: (Click for Solutions)
  • Is the hardware within the facility easily opened/ closed for individuals with handicap needs?
  • Do your doors automatically open for easy accessibility?
  • Are entrance doors equipped with ADA push button equipment that automatically open doors?
Fire & Life Safety: (Click for Solutions)
  • In case of power loss, are doors equipped with an illumination option to view exits in the dark and/or with smoke in the building?
  • Are panic bars being used in stairwells and emergency exit doors?
Complementary Items: (Click for Solutions)
  • Are doors reinforced at the location of the lock to protect from damage?
  • Are doors equipped with a door sweep to weatherize exterior doors from the elements?
  • Are doors equipped with products to prevent wind from damaging the doors?
  • Do individual apartments or condominium units have safes to store personal belongings?
  • Are door stops located on each door to prevent damage to walls?
  • Do individual apartments or condominium units have peephole viewers to see who is on the other side of the door?
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