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Campus Security

  • Does each student, faculty, and staff have their own credential to access classes, buildings, rooms, or dormitories?
  • When providing access credentials to students, faculty, and staff, do you know who has what keys to which buildings during specific periods of time?
  • Has an unauthorized person ever entered a room/building without authorization (i.e. dormitory, lab, computer room)?
  • Do the campus buildings have a system in place to prohibit entry by intruders while still providing emergency egress?
  • Do dormitory rooms provide a safe and secure place to lock & store expensive personal equipment to decrease theft?
  • In the event of an emergency lockdown situation, do areas around campus (i.e. classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, labs, dormitories, offices) provide a secure mechanism to secure students, faculty, or staff within the room while preventing an intruder from entering?
  • In the event of an emergency situation, are rooms able to be locked and secured within ten seconds or less?

Student Housing

Kaba InSync D Deadbolt with Radio Frequency

Deadbolt with Radio Frequency (RF) Technology

The InSync™ D Deadbolt Lock (shown with lever, not included) is a full 1” deadbolt and available in three configurations: Unit, Suite, or Common. The unit configuration provides operational functionality for individual entry doors. In the locked position only duplicate resident and authorized service keys can access the lock. Unit locks are programmed with one resident code (change key), and each key is made with one resident code which can have up to 64 unique identity codes. The suite configuration was designed to allow access to multiple residents who have the need to access individual unit doors behind the suite door. Suite locks can recognize up to 20 resident codes. A Common Lock Configuration offers the ability of multiple resident credentials to access the lock where one key will work for both tenant unit and common area lock.


Kaba Rezshield 79-Series Contactless Lock

RezShield with Audit Trail Capability

With the application of contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the system offers benefits to student housing residents as well as the University. The lock stores audit trails and lock use history, tracks staff credentials, and monitors staff and resident activity.

Kaba In-Room Safe

In Room Safe

On campus, often students have various expensive electronic devices which increase the risk of theft. Providing in-room safes which are not only durable, but secure and easy to use, provide peace of mind to a student when away from their residence.

HID Prox Card II


When various users need different security levels, HID credentials provide the best solution. Various options and multiple technologies available.

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Campus Security (Classrooms), Mechanical

Sargent Mortise Lock with Classroom Security Intruder Latchbolt

Mortise Lock, Classroom Security Visual Indicator

SARGENT® Mortise Locks with Classroom Security Intruder Latchbolt (shown with optional Visual Status Indicator) allows keys from either side to lock or unlock the outside, ideal for an emergency situation.

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Von Duprin 98/99 Classroom Security Rim Exit Device

Exit Device, Classroom Security Indicator

In the event of an emergency, classrooms need to be immediately secured for the safety of teachers and students. The Von Duprin Classroom Security Indicator provides an at-a-glance verification of the locked/unlocked status of the door from inside of the room. Read more about the Von Duprin 98/99 Series Rim Exit Device on our blog.

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Marks USA 175-Series

Cylindrical Lock, Classroom Intruder Function

175 Grade 2 Economy Series gives you the performance and quality of a Grade 1 lockset at a Grade 2 price. This series is offered in conventional cylinder, IC core for “Best” size cores, Medeco, Corbin and Schlage as well as others.

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LSDA LF -Series

Cylindrical Lock, Classroom Intruder Function

LF-Series Grade 1 cylindrical lever locks are designed for high traffic applications. Unique cold-rolled steel spindles withstand up to 1000 inch-pounds of torque and the lever is compliant with ADA and other accessibility codes. With the Classroom Intruder Function, the outside lever is locked and unlocked with a key in the outside or the inside cylinder. The inside lever always retracts the latch. Read more about LSDA LF-Series Grade 1 Cylindrical Locksets on our blog.

Campus Security (Classrooms), Electronic Stand Alone

AlarmLock DL4100

Electronic Access Control Lock with Lock Down Button

School Lock-Down Applications and keyless door locks – remain safely inside until the coast is clear – no need to open the door with Trilogy Electronic Door Locks. Trilogy cylindrical and mortise locks come with privacy/lock down pushbutton on inner door (mortise & cylindrical pin or pin/prox models) provide advanced keyless entry.

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Sargent G1.5 with RF Fob Panic Button Classroom Security Lock

Electronic Access Control Lock with RF Fob Panic Button

The SARGENT® Profile Series v.G1.5 cylindrical lock is a stand alone access control lock which offers an RF fob to remote control lock down the lock in the event of an emergency situation. When programmed for Panic mode, the RF fob will lock the door and disable all user credentials (both PIN code and prox card), and will remain locked until it is reset by a master credential. Read more about the Sargent Profile Series v.G1.5 Lock on our blog.

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Campus Security (Classrooms), Electronic Wireless

KABA Global Wireless Lockdown with ZigBee technology

Wireless with Global Lockdown

The E-Plex® Wireless System is a modular and flexible design, scalable to accommodate any size enterprise, and provides emergency global lockdown or passage of locks. Compatible with an existing Wi-Fi network using an optional adapter.

Alarm Lock Networx with Global Lockdown

Networx with Global Lockdown

When a lockdown is needed, within 10 seconds, all doors can be locked when an authorized user activates the locks into lockdown mode – with or without a PC.

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