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Personal Records/HIPAA

  • Are personal records secure at all times during the day?
  • Does management know who has access to the personal records?
  • Does management know how many keys and/or passwords are available for existing systems?

Cabinet Locks

Codelocks KitLocks KL1000 Cabinet Lock

Pushbutton Lock, KL1000 Series

Offering a variety of features, the KL1000 Series Locks are a great solution. For extra convenience, the keypad can be replaced with an iButton for access control by wristband. The lock has multiple user codes available and can also be programmed so two codes are needed to open the lock, adding another level of security. Read more about the Codelocks KitLocks KL1000 Cabinet Lock on the blog.

Codelocks Logo
CompX RegulatoR Door-Drawer Lock

RegulatoR Series

When more than one user is needed to access the items within, the RegulatoR offers two user codes per lock: one for the employee and one for the supervisor. Read more about the CompX RegualtoR Door/Drawer Lock on our blog.

CompX Logo for National Fort Chicago Timberline
CompX Stealthlock Hidden Cabinet Lock

Hidden Electronic Cabinet Lock

Keyless cabinet locking system using radio frequency technology. One transmitter pad can operate a single or multiple receiver latches. Transmitter pad operates within a 15ft range. Operates with separate and programmable user and supervisor codes. User programmable with optional modes of operation for single use or self lock. Works with wood, phenolic resin and glass material. Read more about the CompX StealthLock Cabinet Lock on the blog.

CompX Logo for National Fort Chicago Timberline
HES K100 Cabinet Lock

Wireless Cabinet Security

The HES K100 wireless cabinet lock with Aperio Technology brings real-time access control to cabinets and drawers where audit trail and monitoring are critical, at a cost effective option. Read more about the HES K100 Wireless Cabinet Lock on our blog.

LSDA Disc Tumbler Flat Key Camlocks

Flat Key Cam Lock

The LSDA Flat Key Cam Lock, CL-Series, are designed to secure doors or drawers made of metal or wood including cabinets, desks, tool boxes and more. Various lengths available depending upon the thickness of the door/drawer, and various keyways available including keyed alike to match another key used in the building, or keyed different for a unique key for the drawer/door.

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